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End-to-end services

Site appraisal

We provide a no commitment site appraisal to assess the best system for you. We explain the benefits of solar.

Design and Engineering

Once the financial terms are finalized, we design and engineer the system using state-of-the-art equipment.

Installation and testing

Our team will come with all the equipment to install the solar PV system. We test it thoroughly before handing over!

Regular maintenance

We monitor the working of your installation, provide regular service and ensure that you get a full uptime.

What equipment will you get?


Our construction quality


We let our existing projects and construction quality speak for itself. Given our local presence, we take quality and project performance very seriously. We believe that our work is perhaps better than most pan-India solar installers.

Frequently asked questions

What should be the size of my installation?

Size of a system depends on a lot of factors including your building's load profile, sanctioned load, type of system, etc. Don't worry, we will come by, assess everything and recommend the most optimum system size for you.

What are the different types of system?

There are essentially three types of systems: grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid (download this document to understand which type of system suits you best).

Is subsidy available? Should I wait for subsidy?

Yes. A capital subsidy is available for residential and not-for-profit institutional customers. Subsidy is not available for any commercial or industrial building.

How to apply for subsidy?

We will apply for subsidy on your behalf.

How to apply for net-metering?

We will apply for net-metering on your behalf with all relevavant documentation and NOC from nodal agency. .

Ask for a free site appraisal
without any commitments from your side.